Ultra lightweight, treeless saddle with stirrup leathers.


  • Soft Fleece underside for horse comfort and Perfect for regular exercising
  • High Quality Soft & Washable Synthetic Suede |
  • Detachable Seat with Velcro System
  • Changeable Wither Iron Arch so can be Fitted On Variety of Horses
  • Detachable Stirrups Straps, Attached E Bars, Riders can Change on His Comfortable Position | Underside Fix Panels Provide Comfort to Horse.


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 High Quality Great Synthetic Freemax Treeless Saddle are manufactured from top quality synthetic suede materials. This Saddle has a flex tree that conforms to horse’s back and the rider, eliminating all pressure points and making it a extremely comfortable saddle both rider and horse. Great choice for every day trail riding. Seat detaches with strong Velcro. Completely washable synthetic suede saddle makes it easy to clean. Superior lining underneath to provide extra comfort. Saddle comes complete with pair of composite stirrups.

  • available in different colors –
  • available in different sizes –
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    12.5 13.5 14.5 15.5 16.5 17.5 18.5



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